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First Semester

Prof. Lee Pee-Yew Mechanical Alloying
Powder Metallurgy
Prof. Tsay Leu-Wen Mechanical Metallurgy
Prof. Yang Chung-Chia Advanced Cement-bases Materials
Experimental Stress Analysis
Prof. Wu Kai Corrosion and High-Temperature Oxidation
Diffusion and Diffusion Reaction
Prof. Liang Yuan-Chang Electronic Thin Films and Nanostructured Materials
Special Topics and application of Materials Analysis
Associate Prof. Chen Yung-I Elements of X-ray Diffraction
Intellectual Property and Patent Search in Engineering Materials
Assistant Prof. Huang Rong-Tan Practical Transmission Electron Microscopy
Assistant Prof. J.J. Su Advanced Strength of Materials

Second Semester

Prof. Lee Pee-Yew Amorphous Material
Non-equilibrium Processes
Prof. Tsay Leu-Wen Analysis of Metallurgical Failure
Prof. Yang Chung-Chia Cement-Based Materials
Mechanics of Composite Materials
Prof. Wu Kai Phase Transformation and Solid-State Reaction
Laboratory Study and Characterization on High Temperature Corrosion and Prevention
Prof. Liang Yuan-Chang Semiconductor Single Crystal Growth and Manufacturing Process
Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
Associate Prof. Chen Yung-I Ceramic Materials
Thin-film Technology
Assistant Prof. Huang Rong-Tan Materials Structure and Characteristics
High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
Associate Prof. S.D. Chyou Corrosion Engineering
Assistant Prof. S.T. Lin Topics on the Concrete Admixtures