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Development Focus

Educational Goals

Our goal is to focus on education theory. The theory and practice are committed to cooperate actively to expand interdisciplinary knowledge and to strengthen students’ academic ability and professional knowledge of the field, developing their ability to think independently during research, hoping practical application and academic research plays a bridge to accelerate progress in the field of material science. The practical operating experience in a variety of precision instruments can be promoted by writing papers of experimental data collection and training after graduation to enter the industry engaged in the research and development work related to the subject.

Teaching Objectives

Our teaching objectives is to cooperate with the national development and needs of industry & society, in order to train with material science, engineering theory and practice of the senior technical talents as the goal, focus on professional courses, students dedicated and responsible work attitude. The offer of various professional courses allow students to reinforce and extend students’ competitiveness in the field of materials technology. Our professional training including semiconductor materials, energy materials, nano materials, optoelectronic materials,  communication materials and other aspects of advanced technology applications, which enables students to have more choices of their expertise.

Most of our graduate students work in semiconductors, electronic materials, iron and steel industry, construction industry and other related industries after graduation, mainly the scope of work including research and development engineers, system integration engineers, process engineers and quality control engineers.